Saturday, August 22, 2009

Avatar - A 3D preview

Last night I got to see a preview of selected scenes for the new James Cameron movie "Avatar". It was shown on IMAX theaters all over the country. My usual theaters were sold out so I had to trek to Brooklyn and catch a viewing over there. I got there late, as usual, but caught like the last 10 minutes where Sam Worthington was already a Na'vi (the race of aliens they transfer his mind to. They're like 10 ft tall, blue and cat-like creatures).

**here's the story as I know it: A paralyzed marine is given the opportunity to walk again with the help of an avatar (where his mind and consciousness are transferred to the body of one of the aliens that live on a far off planet)**

The scenes I saw had Sam waking up from his transformation and not paying mind to the doctors that over and over were telling him to sit back down, but he just unhooks himself from all the machines and barrels down the hallway.

Another scene has him in a party of hunters following a herd of huge creatures (they seemed like a cross between rhinos and gigantic rhinos). Sigourney Weaver's character tells him not to run, to stand firm. He does and they're on a standstill, but from behind a panther-like creatures spooks the heard. Sam thinks he's the reason for them to leave, but it's soon chased out when he sees the creature eye to eye. Sigourney advises everyone to run for their lives. An exciting 3D chase.

The next scene has Zoe's character saving Sam's character. Like a choreographed dance she lays waste to a pack of dog-like creatures and after saving Sam's butt she pretty much scolds him for making her kill them. He asks her why she saved him then. She tells him because he has a big heart.

The next one has Sam's character having a rite-of-passage moment, where he's supposed to tame a flying creature. When he does he links with it via his ponytail and the creature's antenna. Zoe's character tells him they need to have their first flight right away and we see how they jump off the cliff and fly along.

The last thing shown was a montage of action scenes we'll see: Human soldiers attacking the planet. Sam's character fighting them off with the help of the tribe, mechas roaming the countryside.

The fact that all of this was on 3D made me want to go see it, because I don't think a regular viewing will make me interesting on paying to see another version of Final Fantasy (The Movie). The emotional portrayal of the characters that can be seen on this production is like nothing before it. Not Pixar, nor Beowulf, nor the Polar Express compares to this quality of animation, so it has that going for it. The action will put a lot of teenagers on the theater, but what about the rest of paying customers? Only time will tell. The movie comes out a week before X-mas.

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