Friday, August 21, 2009

From Kelly's Heroes to Inglourious Basterds

To get in the mood to watch Tarantino's latest film I watched Kelly's Heroes, an excellent example of the soldiers on a mission during World War II genre. It's true, every War World II movie has the soldiers on a mission to win the war, but the genre specifies a new tangent mission that is thrust upon the heroes and its the driving force of the plot. Some examples of movies like that we are "Saving Private Ryan", "The Dirty Dozen", "The Guns of Navarone", even "Stalag 17" (all great I made add).

I've heard about Inglorious Basterds awhile back. Around when Kill Bill was being made, it was heard that Tarantino was still toying around with his idea of making a movie of a bunch of soldiers on war world II, akin to The Dirty Dozen, pretty much that's what he called it, his dirty dozen movie. Rumors had Adam Sandler on as one of the main roles. That seem kinda quirky, but Tarantino and his casting decisions are famous for being quirky.

About a year ago when the completed script of Inglorious Basterds exploded onto the web I got myself a copy and read it (just like I did when I got my hands on the Kill Bill script), but for some reason I didn't blaze thru it. I took my time and from time to time I stopped and put it down and did other less meaningful stuff. It took me months to finish it. I was not overwhelmed by it. Except for a few techniques he threw in there, I was disappointed. I told myself he'll make it work on the screen, and besides this is a script that could change during filming.

The trailers for the movie were popping everywhere and I still didn't care that much for the movie. They're only emphasizing The Basterds side of the movie leaving 2/3 of the actual movie out in the dark. I know, Brad Pitt is as huge star and he might drive some business down their way if they plaster his face in every poster and trailer, but his movies have never done financially well when he's doing an accent (i.e.: Snatch, and the movie where he's an Irish terrorist - The Devil's Own?), and in this movie he's doing an accent, and he has a funny looking mustache. Unappealing!

Unappealing? WTF did I just said? I gotta check my testosterone level.

To be continued...

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