Sunday, July 5, 2009

Movies I've Seen: Cold Creek Manor

Jun 14, 2004: Cold Creek Manor


Synopsis: The Tilsons are a wealthy couple who have grown tired of the high stress of life in New York City and are looking to move. Upstate, they find a mansion in the village of Cold Creek which has fallen into disrepair after it was repossessed. Convinced the house has great possibilities, the Tilsons buy it, and with a little hard work they are soon living in their dream home. Before long the family begins to learn the disturbing truth about the history of the mansion.
Wao, como los avances enganan a uno. Cuando vi esto anunciandolo les hacian creer a uno que el trama de esta pelicula era algo sobrenatural o por lo menos psicologico, pero no. Nada de eso, un thriller muy lento y muy debil. Sabemos quien es el responsable desde que aparece, el climax nunca emergece. No se la recomiendo a nadie.

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