Friday, June 26, 2009

Movies I've Seen: The Eye (japan)

Here's the impression I got after watching this movie.

Jun 26, 2004: The Eye

After 18 years of blindness, 20 year-old Mun's eyesight is
restored following a corneal transplant. Immediately, mysterious
black-clad figures in Mun's field of vision seem to foreshadow
sudden deaths, and disfigured denizens haunt her daily. Mun
slowly learns that she has inherited her donor's particular fate
- the ability to see into the future and the terror that comes

with it.

Tiene sus momentos que por gracias a la edicion de audio y las imagenes te obligan a resaltar en tu asiento. Mejor que ringu? No creo. La pelicula mas miedosa? Tampoco. La secuela me la encontre muy imaginativa y la recomiendo mucho.

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