Thursday, September 10, 2009

Planet Hulk [trailer]

From The House of Ideas (aka Marvel Comics for non-hardcore fans) comes Planet Hulk. 

While all the Civil War was happening in the Marvel Universe one of its greatest characters was nowhere to be found.  The Hulk was M.I.A. from the battle, thanks to the Illuminati (Prof. X, Dr. Strange, Reed Richards, Iron Man and some other shady characters) who tricked the Hulk into a rocket and shot him up to space.  He was supposed to land in a peaceful planet where he could live in peace, but you know those happily ever after endings don't have any chance of working on comics that feature a hulking mass of violence.  Hulk's rocket ship takes a detour and he lands in a land where he's made into a slave, and like the movie Gladiator (the one with the Romans, not the boxers) he goes from slave to warrior/entertainer to the hope of an oppressed nation where he challenges the emperor and... you get the point.  The saga was great, just hoping this animated movie is as well done as what it's on the printed page.

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